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The Walk is the outcome of my unofficial global games jam 2021 contribution.
A short walk through a forest in which you collect happiness sparkles to feel better.

The Walk was made entirely by myself, with a little coding help from a friend. The gameplay consists of walking through a forest and finding points of interest. Each POI has a happiness sparkle to collect and a line or two of the player character's thoughts. The game ends once you collect all the sparkles. This was heavily inspired by my own depression, and realising that the smallest and mundane of things can (sometimes) make a big difference to your mental health.

The below work is my reference for each POI and short beginning and end cutscenes. The beginning cutscene is to give some context to the player that the character has not been feeling well lately, and someone close to them has suggested a walk in nature. There is no linear order in which the player will find each sparkle so they swap between feeling hopeful and hopeless, demonstrating the volatile nature of depression.

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