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Play as Jade, a young investigative reporter, and expose a terrible government conspiracy. It is up to you and your loyal pig friend Pey'j to save your planet and its inhabitants.

Taken from the Steam store page.

​The below is work I have created inspired by this game and characters - I did not work on it.


This scene takes place a short while after the post-credit scene. Pey’j is concerned with his DomZ spore and, not wanting to worry Jade, he opts not to tell her for the time being. Instead, he wants to ensure IRIS will be in good hands if the worst is to come for him. It is a short, heartfelt moment between the two, that emphasise the love and trust they have for each other beyond the teasing.

Jade is smart, brave, and sassy. She loves to poke fun at her uncle Pey’j and has a strong moral compass. She has inherited a softer southern twang from Pey'j.

Pey’j is grumpy but kind-hearted, he always tries his best for Jade. He has a strong southern accent (indicated by the phonetic spelling in the script) odd (and often made up) food-based sayings and war cries, which is why they are in the script.


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