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Alignment is a relaxing, mobile puzzle game in which you swap planets to create a balanced solar system where creatures can thrive.

We were a small team of four, with each of us wearing multiple hats. I was in charge of the story and implentation, creature biographies, tutorials, textures and backgrounds.


The story of the Caretaker is one of love, loss, and learning to love again. A lonely being in a vast universe finds warmth in watching creatures thrive.

The Caretaker

The Caretaker is a being formed from the cold debris of the first universe. His form is translucent, humanoid and larger than most giant planets. His brain sentience all the while he's been wandering. The Caretaker only knows the universe as cold and empty. He is lonely, but he doesn't know what the emotion is or means. He believes this heavy feeling is all there is and thus does not know that it can get better.


Ultimately, he wants the warmth of nurturing other tiny creatures, he craves the feeling of pleasantness and since discovering he has the power build idyllic solar systems for these creatures to thrive, he despises the cold. 

The caretaker doesn't communicate through a voice, it's more of a telepathy that transmits straight to the brain and not necessarily words, but the receiver of his message immediately understands him. When he is telling his story to the player, he is doing so with 

I wanted the player to sympathise with the Caretaker - to perhaps share a bit of his pain spending so long alone, and share a bit of his hope, finding something (healthy) that made him whole. 

Creature Bios

Working closely with an artist, we wanted to create interesting life forms that seemed both alien and loveable. These creatures serve both as a journal for the Caretaker, and as partners that you can choose to buddy up with that will give you special extras or help on levels.

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