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Lucid is a twisted story about a child named Flekk with an unstable home life. Made using Twine.

You can play it here.

Dear Henry,

For the last time, please, call me Marjorie.

Flekk has been acting rather coldly towards me recently. He’s refusing to eat anything, but I can tell he’s hungry. Before, I said that he wouldn’t look at me almost out of fear, but now it’s like he won’t look at me because he can’t stand the sight of me.

I have been doing everything you’ve advised, Henry, but none of it seems to be working. I know I’ve not welcomed the idea previously, but perhaps now is the time to meet Flekk in person, where you can begin your therapy.

May I suggested dinner, at our address, three nights from now? This will give you the chance to meet Flekk in an informal setting. But let’s keep your identity under wraps for now, I’m afraid it may upset him if he knew the real reason for your being here. I’ll introduce you as my friend.

Warm Regards,


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