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Root Canalligator was made by myself and two others for Global Games Jam 2023.
A reluctant Dr. Uid wild shapes into a small bird to perform root canals on an alligator.

WASD to fly

Press E to perform the root canal on a tooth, the more rotten the tooth, the better the loot!

Click the text box to begin.

In a team of three, I was responsible for all the writing and implementing, plus keeping track of all tasks and prioritising. We all collaborated on the design of the game. The theme this year was "Roots." The aim of this game was to make something fun and silly and enjoy a weekend of intense game dev, which is exactly what we did.

You can find the rankings for Root Canalligator and link to the itch page here:

Below are my plans for barklines and item descriptions, and my original script for the intro cut scene, which we decided to cut down to make more time for play testing.

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